Coast is a branding agency — In a world in transition, we believe in the positive impact of design

We work for a wide range of sectors, mixing multiple disciplines. We work for any size of businesses and we believe in long term value creation.

Our Works


Branding, positioning & creative direction for fashion accessories brand from Antwerp

Sector — Fashion & Accessorises


Branding & Interior for anti-aging concept store

Sector — Retail & Hospitality


Rebranding of the European union of the electricity industry

Sector — Industry & Institutions

Our work starts at the earliest stage. If you have a project, a new idea or a great intention to transform your business, we discuss & find the way to make your brand stand out. We think with you & next to you we create the most relevant, the most beautiful, and the most joyful brand experience possible.

Our expertise

Ordre des Architectes

Branding for architectural order

Sector — Architecture & Exhibitions

We have built a fresh and creative environment where new thinking and design exploration merge. Come along to say hello.

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Deutsche Bank

Visual alignment & Communication

Sector — Banking & Finance

Brussels Beer Project

Branding, packaging, environmental graphics and communication for a game changer

Sector — Retail & Hospitality

Fashion Archives

Branding, creative direction, design, art direction

Sector — Fashion & Accessorises